Hand Piecing, a step-by-step tutorial by Lucy Brennan

  Hand piecing is the most basic method of patchwork, its simplicity and slow pace make it an enjoyable and relaxing method. You can take it ‘on the go’, the stitches are hidden, and there are no papers to pull out when you’re done! Quilting is such a tangible craft and hand piecing allows you to manipulate and work with fabric in a humble and satisfying way.   HAND PIECING STEPS See Extras section below for how to prep your pieces before you begin. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread. Place fabric pieces...

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Initial Pouch downloads

In December's box there is a pattern for an Initial Pouch. The initial templates required for this pattern can be downloaded here. You only need to print the page for the initial you need to sew onto the pouch.  Thank you and happy sewing! Anna and Lou

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Foundation Piecing: A How-To Guide

Firstly, let me start off by saying that anyone can foundation piece. I once heard it referred to as the colour by numbers of the quilting world and that is so true! It feels a bit upside and back to front to start with, but take your time and once you get used to it, a whole new world of sewing will open up to you. No matter what the end pattern looks like, the process is always the same! Don’t be intimidated, it is just sewing in straight lines, you CAN do it!! The pattern used for this tutorial...

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